There are many people’s numbers that you should always have and who you would be embarrassed to be caught without. These include your children, your parents and your significant others numbers. However, these are numbers that you always generally have and you always have a backup of. However, there are a lot of numbers that people always seem to not have and end up needing in a rushed emergency situation. This can be credited to poor planning and also to poor foresight. However, these are actually numbers that you should have in order to keep your home safe and to avoid the potentially cost of huge repairs. The main set of numbers that you should always hang on to are those for your local police department, local ambulance service and your local fire brigade. In countries like the USA, all these can be contacted through calling the 911 service but if your country does not have such a service or if the service does not cover all these emergency response teams, then you should definitely have a copy. The other numbers that you would want to have is for gas fitters and for pest control. Read this article to find out more details.

These are also important because taking time to find these numbers could mean the difference between potentially life and death. It is also important that these numbers are kept in a way that they do not get destroyed and that they are easily accessible to anyone in your house. The second set of numbers that you want to keep around are not really for life threatening situations but more to help quickly fix big issues around the house and save you large repair costs.

These numbers include the number for an emergency plumber West Auckland, an electrician and a gardener or someone who can climb and cut trees. These numbers are essential to help save those big bills on repairs because you could not get hold of someone in time. The other numbers that you should have around the house include those for a vet, if you have pets and possibly a nanny who can come over in emergencies to take over. These numbers do not really save you money or lives (except maybe that of your pet) but these are numbers that are also important in an emergency so that you do not have to struggle to find one in an emergency. Having these numbers are extremely important but the sad truth is most people will not realize this importance of these numbers until they actually need them, and as said before, an emergency situation is not the best time to spend looking for these numbers.

Handyman And Odd Job Worker’s Numbers You Should Always Have