Your home might be in need of an upgrade from the boring old furniture, paint and curtains. A makeover will make your home look and feel as good as new, not just for beauty purpose but also for better maintenance. Nowadays, there are so many things you can do, all by yourself at very low cost to make sure you get your dream home. So here are some easy steps to follow.

Decide the room

Well, of course you won’t have the time, energy and money to upgrade your entire house. Hence, choose one room at a time that you feel needs a makeover the most. If you always have friends or official guests over, focus on your kitchen and living room. If you want to spend quality time with your partner, start off with the bedroom, making it look cozy and romantic. If you hate your early morning routine, maybe an attractive bathroom will do the trick. It all depends on what you prioritize and how you want to upgrade it.

Find inspiration

If you have a soft corner for interior design and architectural magazines, this is going to be a piece of cake. While you go through them, pay attention to what attracts you. Collect images and articles that give you information on how to give a makeover. While you collect, you will realize a pattern in your likes and dislikes; certain color pallet, various lighting techniques, types of blinds at Adelaide, décor accessories etc. This pattern will help you decide on how to decorate the room. Of course your rooms may not look even a bit like the perfect pictures on the magazine, however it shouldn’t dishearten you. All you will need is a coat of paint, change of curtains and a few DIY accessories and you will have a brand new room.

Focus on a main element

You can choose a main focus element for every room. It could be a custom made vase, an antique grandfather clock, a painting your grandmother did or a picture you took on your vacation with your family; anything that is important to you can be the star of the room. Match the rest of the décor with it. If the object is of a bright colour, make the rest of the room a pale colour so that it catches the eye in one glance. You need to play with sunlight to make the room appear bigger than it is so install glass windows. You can control the light by having outdoor blinds. Link here offer a great quality of outdoor blinds that will suit your window needs.

Play aroundDon’t be afraid to play with colours and objects. Modern interior design uses bright and edgy colours with unconventional furniture and centerpieces. So go ahead and be daring.

Steps To Home Makeover Success