The Many Types Of A Bed Base

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A bed base is actually the part of the bed on which mattress is placed.  The bed base is usually fixed and it is placed in between the bed frame. In most of the cases the mattress is selected according to the design and structure of bed base. The size of the bed base is used to determine the size of a mattress. It is clear that a single bed frame requires a single mattress and a double frame requires double mattress. The bed bases and bed mattress are often given by the same manufacturer but if you need to buy them separately then you may need to ensure that it is suitable for the same bed base.  

There are many types of bed bases in Sydney and each has its own use and significant such as divans, bedsteads, adjustable and bunk beds. One of the most popular and famous bed bases in UK are divans. These bed bases have space beneath and have legs fitted in the box of upholstered. The upholstered bases are in fashion these days and these are made with various different fabrics and colors. Furthermore, there are even types in divan. The first type is sprung edge divan which provide a great durability of mattress and they provide a mechanism which gives the giant shock absorber. Another type is a solid or platform top, this type of beds is less costly and these are for those people who require a hard and more firm bases. These are usually made from hardboards which provide more firmness and solidity in the structure. These are non-sprung. The third type of divans is firm edge divans. It is made of springs enclosed in a wooden frame. Generally, divans are used when there is a need of more storage and less space because usually divans come with extra space beneath them or in sides.  

After the divans, then there are slatted bed bases. These are used along with the bedsteads. There are two possibilities in their cases either these are rigid or these are flexible. There is a factor of tension in these bed slates that is adjusted according to the requirement of the customer. The spaces between the slates of these bed bases can be varied for different design but a common recommendation is that these spaces should not exceed a maximum range of 3 inches. The spaces have effect on the durability of the mattresses, if the space is wider, then the mattress is expected to be worn of soon. Usually the client has not much information regarding to this therefore it is good to have it suggested from the manufacturers. 



The Many Types Of A Bed Base

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