How To Take Care Of Fabrics In A Home

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Fabric is one of the most widely used materials in houses with it being used everywhere from curtains to Couches. They are durable, easy to replace and can add a sense of colour and comfort to a home. However, no two fabrics are alike. Different materials require different care and attention. Therefore, you need to know how to take proper care of them.Some materials are easy to take care of, others might require some more effort to keep clean and looking brand new.


Linen is quite possibly one of the most extensively fabrics in a home. A favorite choice for curtains and couches, linen is highly durable and prone to less wear and tear. Check the labels and follow the instructions with regards to how it can be cleaned. Some types can be machine washed, while others could only be dry-cleaned. Furthermore, if you are going to clean curtains and other upholstery, consider choosing a professional to handle the upholstery cleaning. As good quality linen curtains and upholstery tend to be expensive, so they need to be treated with extra care so as to avoid damage.


Wool is a common material used in carpets and cushions, etc. warm and soft, this fabric makes a home comforting. However it can also be fragile. Wool can easily be damaged or show signs of wear and tear. So they need to be handled very gently and with extra care. Read instructions well as some types may need to be dry-cleaned. When going for a machine wash, choose a gentle setting so as to ensure the material is not treated too harshly. If you need larger carpets to be cleaned, hire a professional business specializing in carpet to handle the object. As it is big and can be difficult to clean by yourself.


Perfect for Summer, cotton is light and airy. It is widely used in homes from pillow cases and bed spreads to towels and even upholstery. As versatile and useful as cotton it, it needs a lot of care. Cotton can shrink in hot water unless it was preshrunk. So pay attention to label instructions. However, it is possible to use bleach to remove stains and keep the fabric clean and spotless. But do this only for white garments.

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